Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A WAG's Tale: Sonia Booth's Pre-World Cup Words Of Wisdom

SONIA BOOTH, the model wife of Bafana Bafana centre-back Matthew Booth, chose the Sun’s blog column to air her views on being a football wag.

The Soweto-born mum of two said: “Writing this blog whilst having my hair done. Excruciating pain, two people working on my head. Things we do for "beauty"!.

Fortunately husband Matt, the only white player in the South African 23 chosen yesterday, has no such problems. The 6ft 5in skinhead raised the roof when he came on as a sub in Polokwane on Monday night during South Africa's 5-0 thumping of troubled Guatemala.

Every time he touched the ball, the crowd erupted into cries of "Boooooooth", momentarily preventing them from the blowing their ubiquitous Vuvuzelas. During the Confederations Cup last year, Spanish journalists thought he was being booed because of his pale skin. Not true. They love him.

Sonia, a former Miss South Africa princess, and Matt, from Cape Town, have become the unlikely pairing who dominate posters for this World Cup. I'm sitting in Nelson Mandela Square tapping away and around me, the fans are arriving, the square is being prepared with a massive screen and the fever is nearly upon us.

England arrive in the morning, security helicopters are flying over the US headquarters in nearby Centurion, the pressure is on.

Sonia feels it, just like the footballers. She explains her need to blog thus: “Never ever considered doing this but I thought to myself that it could be a necessary portal to "set the record straight/clarify matters".

“Earlier on this morning i dropped off hubby at the hotel for the Bafana Bafana World Cup training camp. A good friend Ian Williams sent an email with a link on the story "Posh & Boks". Not happy with the title and comments about us being SA's "modern couple".....Anyway.......some call it Freedom of Speech.

“We try to lead a normal life and that includes doing normal things like taking our eldest son to school, picking him up, homework, bedtime stories and tucking him in.(our youngest just sleeps, eats, drinks and keeps us on our toes. Not complaining...).

“I admire Victoria Beckham for her elegance, grace and for being a trend setter in the fashion industry. Hubby has a lot of respect for David for his endurance, skills, talent and the many hairdos he manages regularly!

“We will NEVER even attempt to match their level/status. We strive for their "fortune" and not their "fame". I always get offended when people call me a celebrity because in my mind there is only one in this country:Tata Nelson Mandela. The rest of us are just people in "the public eye", some for the good work they are doing to empower, enrich other people's lives and others just being notorious/infamous.”

So there it is. Sonia's verdict. Empower lives through the World Cup. I'm sitting next to a statue of the greatMadiba now, marvelling the cultural mix of Johannesburg. On the lap top in the sunshine. Get here soon lads, or you'll miss the greatest show on earth!

See my record-breaking YouTube video of the World Cup's beautiful noise in Polokwane:

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