Tuesday, 23 April 2013

African Champions League: how TP Mazembe officially saw their 3-1 defeat against Orlando Pirates

Even Dr Irvin Khosa is excited about last Saturday night's 3-1 win over DR Congo's habitual champions TP Mazembe. I Offer this from the TP Mazembe website without further comment, other than to say it's fascinating!

VIBES.- Only the lower part of the Orlando Stadium was opened to the public, a potential of 20,000 spectators. But at kick off this Saturday night during cool, wet weather, the Pirates could only count on 5,000 spectators to be pushed at the collision. And the local compere screamed too much at the mic, the arena of Soweto was not a hell for the Ravens to their appearance.

GAME CONDITIONS.- The Lawn budding was very slippery and the players had difficulty keeping their balance. It was also very cold, icy cold that “Mazembians” could not bear but Pirates, accustomed to this temperature.

STRATEGIES.- The South African coach Roger DE SA announced a 4-4-2 with MASUKU and the Zambian Collins MBESUMA in the strike front. On his side, Lamine NDIAYE remained faithful to 4-3-3 and that he likes with KABANGU and KALABA on the wing sides and SAMATTA in the midfield, MPUTU behind the 3 and a duo of ILONGO- ADJEI at the recovery, SINKALA missing competition to start this game. The mission of Mazembians was known: To Lock corridors prevent the opponent from imposing his game and shooting the ball from a distance.

THE WORST SCENARIO.- Part started in the worst way possible for TPM.  A strike from a distance (yes) by the Nigerian OKONKWO – nobody could interfere – on which KIDIABA could do nothing. It was the catastrophe which immediately changed the data match scenario. But the payoff was to come. After having equalized just before the break, the TPM copiously dominated the first 12 minutes of the second period. At a few centimeters, he could take advantage of a diving header by KABANGU taking a crossing ball from SAMATTA. Instead, the "Blues" were countered twice to bow 3-1 with a final goal in the 92nd minute!
DEFENSIVE DEFICIENCIES.- There are two ways to conclude the analysis of this first leg. The first, very mild, resulting from the periods when Mazembe tamed his rival: roughly a quarter of an hour before the rest and ten minutes later. We saw then that the TPM can dominate his opponent. The second, more realistic, is to remember all these defensive deficiencies that allowed the Pirates to go to the collision with much ease. And which, in addition, would have gone to 5 goals according to to the South African coach Roger DE SA. Not really false.
In any case, a gap in which the Ravens are inexcusable, it is this inability to win duels and more generally, they were often giving ways to South African counter- attackers. Prohibited in the rematch!

THREE BIG APPOINTMENTS.- This two weeks will be crucial for the TPM. It must ensure 3 of 3 that is to say 3 wins in three matches against the Dauphins Noirs Wednesday, V.Club Sunday and for the second leg against Orlando on May 5th. Three turnings that will condition the rest of the season. It is in Kamalondo that staff and players must mobilize to rebuild this boat damaged by the Pirates a warship capable of sailing the high seas.

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