Wednesday, 9 April 2014

ZOMBIE STOPPER VIDEO! This is the Oscar Pistorius footage Barry Roux didn't want you to see today

This is the Oscar Pistorius "Zombie Stopper" video Barry Roux doesn't want you to see in the Oscar trial today. As I write, Justice Masipa is still deciding on whether this footage can be shown in court.

It aired on Sky News on February 28. Here he can be seen shooting melons with Springbok rugby star Francois Hougaard, the Blue Bulls back who was also a close friend of the deceased Reeva Steenkamp.

The words: "It's a lot softer than a brain but it's like a zombie stopper" can be heard. Not suprisingly, defence advocate Roux wants to stop prosecutor Gerrie Nel showing this footage after a fierce start to his cross-examination.

Roux argues this video is an "ambush" on the part of the state and never formed part of their case but Nel says Oscar, having denied all knowledge of "zombie stoppers" asked to see the video.

Ultimately, Roux agreed to the court viewing this video as long as it didn't set a precedent. Nel immediately tore in to Pistorius, comparing Reeva's shattered skull with the water melon's being exploded. Oscar immediately broke down in tears as he was told to look at a photograph of Reeva's head wound... and he was told to take "take responsibility". Within minutes, Justice Masipa had called an adjournment.

The Zombie Killer ploy, an ambush without question, may have turned this trial.

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