Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Shocked by Shakes: the full text of Claude Leroy's astonishing verbal attack on South Africa's head coach Ephraim Mashaba

Shocked by Shakes: Congo boss Claude Leroy
CONGO coach Claude Leroy, the 68-year-old Frenchman, launched an astonishing verbal attack on Bafana Bafana boss Ephraim “Shakes” Mashaba after last night’s 0-0 draw in Polokwane.

While 38,817 Limpopo fans suffered a rainy night and a mediocre AFCON qualifier, Leroy – a veteran of EIGHT international coaching jobs – saved the real fireworks until AFTER the whistle.

Angered by Mashaba’s pre-match comments at Pointe-Noire on Saturday, he said: “We know we are not a huge team, a big team. But we are a team of quality, I'm proud of my players, their behaviour. Always perfect. They never complain. That’s why I’m so disappointed with the behaviour (of Mashaba).

“I cannot tell you that the man in charge of Bafana Bafana is a coach because of what he did to me. I will speak next week (to FIFA) and see if they consider something. When you are a coach you are an educator. You cannot have such terrible behaviour. I am shocked with his behaviour.

“I was never sacked in 34 years as a coach. Never had a problem with anybody. Respect the referee, when players fall down, tell them to get up. I respect the people who love football.

“When I see the behaviour of the man in charge of Bafana Bafana… I’m very happy with the players of South Africa, they are fair. They won at Pointe Noire, we were unlucky. But we will fight now to try and finish Group A in second place.

“We have to play Nigeria at home, play Sudan away. A draw was enough tonight. You have a lot of good players in Bafana Bafana. It’s a pleasure to work with my guys, their behaviour is perfect, they never complain.

“Okay (long pause) maybe I’ll see you at the next Cup of Nations!”

Leroy, who has coached from Malaysia to Cambridge, was winding up for his attack on Mashaba long before the post-match interview last night.

After Mashaba's attack on his goalkeeper Chancel Massa before Bafana's 2-0 win at Pointe Noire on Saturday, the Frenchman said: “The other coach said our goalkeeper is not very good, and that they know how to beat Congo, because if we do not score in the first 10 minutes, we do not do anything.

“That is completely stupid, because we didn’t score [in the first 10 minutes] against Nigeria, they scored the first goal and we went on to win 3-2 in Calabar.

“I don’t like it when coaches say a lot of things. It is important to talk to journalists before a game and to keep a lot of humility. Football is a school of humility.”

“I respect everybody from the bench and never said one word about their coach. Especially a coach who is new at the highest level after a long time. He must keep his humility.”

Mashaba was quoted as saying: “I don’t want to say a lot of things but what I have noticed is that their goalkeeper is not a good goalkeeper, he is not a strong goalkeeper. Take shots from all range, I think it will pay us back.”

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  1. Le Roy must take a cold shower! Shakes made a bold statement and proved it with a win!

    Le Roy is proud to have coached for 34 years without being sacked? What else did he achieve except avoiding the axe?

    1. he won the afcon 1988 with cameroon. he has coached various african teams at afcon and worl cup. he is hundred times better than that baboon-like of mashaba

  2. he is being overly sensitive. it could be frustration. there is nothing wrong, offensive or sensational that shakes said. shakes just mentioned opponent's weaknesses that can be exploited, very normal and standard in football.