Monday, 9 November 2009

The fan's gone dental!

SO how about that bloke sitting in the stands behind Sir Alex Ferguson yesterday... calmly brushing his teeth while Manchester United were undone by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.
Nobody knows quite what to make of it, though I hear he was on BBC Five Live last night claiming "I'm a ladies' man," when they asked him who the hell would go to a football match armed with a toothbrush and shades in November.
Let's forget for a moment the unbelievable case of Sir Alex himself, apparently excused for calling the referee "ridiculous" for giving a quite understandable free-kick in the build-up to the only goal.
And let's concentrate instead, as talkSport did today, on the players who might appreciate the curious incident of the man with the toothbrush.
Some for instances:
From the 70s you've got:
Archie Gummell
Joe Jawdon
Teeth Newton
Frank McLeantock
From the 80s how about:
Ian Brush
Jan Molarby
David Plaque
Jeremy Floss
And from the 90s:
Dentist Berkamp
Fill Babb
And the current players?
Darren Dental
Enamel Adebayor
Filipi Incisor
Ruud van Bristlerooy
Robert Tuth
Alberto Aquafresh...
Talking about Liverpool stars, Rafa Benitez's men have just scored... got to go! Suggestions here please!

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  1. Don't forget Sean Wright-Fillings