Friday, 28 May 2010

10 reasons why South Africa are fit to host the greatest World Cup

Just received this email from Cheryl Chezzi, a lady who lives in Soweto. Very quietly, while the rest of the world have been berating her nation for crime rates, violence, deadly snakes and, well, being African, she has witnessed a pre-World Cup miracle. Read this. It makes you weep and it makes you smile:

Hi Neal

Just read your article in “Bleacher Report” about the World Cup here in SA. I was interested to read about the “Bloodbath awaits football fans” headlines. You know I think the papers may be right – we are in grave danger. (If you don’t already know) last Saturday, the Orlando Stadium in Soweto was host to the semi-final Rugby match between the Blue Bulls (rugby team supported strongly by the Afrikaner community) and the Crusaders (from Australia). This was an historic event – never before have an essentially white team played in Soweto, let alone have their (white) fans travel 50kms to the township to support them.

I attached some photos that bear witness to the “danger” that awaits fans here in South Africa. I would love it if those same UK newspapers had the guts to publish these pics on the front pages...

We will host a great event in spite of these doomsayers...

Thank you for your positive outlook towards our country.

Thanks and Regards
Cheryl Chezzi

The full version of this story, as a slide show which I can't reproduce here, is available on

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