Thursday, 21 November 2013

EXCLUSIVE: SAFA PRESIDENT DANNY JORDAAN: Bafana will not lose ranking points. I can promise you that

Gord's sake: Igesund's response to Spain's 7th sub

UPDATE: Since this story/video (which attracted worldwide attention), FIFA have issued THIS statement: "Fifa can confirm it did not give special dispensation to make up to seven substitutions at the Trinidad & Tobago v England friendly match played on Sunday 1 June 2008.

"The referee of this match confirmed to Fifa that he received no instruction to allow for such a special dispensation, but that it had been a mistake by the referee.

"As Fifa has received no official protest regarding this match, it shall be considered as an official match."

SAFA president Danny Jordaan moved swiftly this morning to dispel any doubts about South Africa’s historic win over world champions Spain, insisting: “We will NOT lose rankings points because they used a seventh substitute. I can promise you that.”

Jordaan, talking on my football show BOLLOCKZ! on Ballz visual radio (see video below), said: “It is not Spain’s game, it was not authorised by them, it was authorised by FIFA.

“FIFA recognised this match in terms of their statutes, including displaying the World Cup. Was there a violation of FIFA statutes? Absolutely not. The match commissioner’s report and the referee’s report makes that clear.

“The only issue is, did the referee err? Will FIFA be able to reclassify the match based on that error? Look at history, Maradona’s hand against England, the ref ruled it a goal. Did FIFA take the goal away and make it a practice match? NO!

“In Bloemfontein in 2010, when Frank Lampard’s goal clearly went over the line for England against Germany, did FIFA change that decision and reclassify the game? No.

“And when England played Trinidad and Tobago who used seven substitutes, did they change the game to a practice game? No.  It counted for ranking points. Referee’s error.

“Where is that example when, based on a referee’s decision, a match was reclassified? It has never happened.

“It was a wonderful night for South African football. But we are strange in this country, amongst joy we are looking for pain. FIFA have said nothing, the media took this matter wherever they took it. It’s not going to happen.

“The referee was not entitled to allow that decision (allowing Pep Reina to go in goal as Spain’s seventh sub), the match is recognised by FIFA, by SAFA, by CAF. We have not violated any regulations. In fact, Gordon Igesund clearly demonstrated his displeasure at what he saw as Spain’s breach of agreed rules.

“We are clear. We have complied. We beat Spain 1-0. A referee’s error cannot be the basis for reclassifying a match.”

And with South Africa seeking a replacement for Puma as their kit sponsors, Danny grinned: “Of course, this result is absolutely huge. It’s good news. It has already secured meetings and we will start next week the process of speaking to new sponsors.”

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