Friday, 16 January 2015

SHAKES-PEARE: An ode to Bafana Bafana: AFCON 2015 here we come!

Shakes-peare analysis: Bafana squad for AFCON 2015

Behold the Jolly Green

Andile and Dean Machine

Welcome the dream

Bafana team and SCREAM

If it isn't broke

Don't fix it

Bafana don't choke

We'll mix it

No more fakes

In the hot-seat

Cheap bra Shakes?

We don't get beat

No more Sereros

Just the here ous 

No prima donas

Ten Maradonas

Beat every foe

In Mongomo

Too tall for Senegal

Roast the Bony Ivory Coast

And this is final:
We'll batter in Bata

All the way we'll go

Our promise to Senzo

Bring that trophy back

Let Avram get the sack

The Tower will not crack

Trainbow back on track

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